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We are now booking fall gardening and yard clean-up

We have devised the ultimate solution for fall leaves on your property. Leaf corrals are a seasonal structure that contains leaves at the base of trees, preventing leaves from being blown away. This allows you to maintain an orderly property while taking advantage of the many benefits that leaves provide. Over winter, leaves begin to break down, releasing essential nutrients into the soil, providing trees with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. Keeping leaves at the base of trees is also important for temperature regulation, maintaining moisture levels and in providing shelter for many pollinators and beneficial insects. Leaf corrals optimize leaves on your property keeping trees happy and healthy.

We design and install leaf corrals - read more here... 

Practical and efficient gardening services to inspire conservation.

We are DEDICATED to sustainable gardening practices that contribute to the health of the greater ecosystem.

We see OPPORTUNITY in every garden and work with the unique features of the landscape to enhance the value of your property.

We find SOLUTIONS to creating outdoor spaces that will enrich your connection to nature, contributing to your overall well being.

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