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Including wildflowers and native plants

We all love our lawns. We have evolved along side them for decades, and even when we spend much of our time watering, weeding, mowing and manicuring them, they still bring us comfort and security. In a way, they give us something to focus on, something that is clear and obvious. And because we are so tuned-in to them, we know exactly what they need, and when they need it. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, there may be just a little something wrong with lawns being grown to the point of exclusion of all other things.


Most lawns are a mixture of non-native grass species that require a lot of resources to make them look good. Unlike native plants, lawns don't provide much in the way of ecological value. They are actually more similar to a carpet, since they cover soil and surfaces with a dense, yet shallow mat. While not ideal for nature, this definitely has its purpose. Lawns are wonderful in providing a safe and soft area in the yard that is ideal for the leisurely enjoyment of all ages. Honestly, who doesn't enjoy a cool green and refreshing blanket of softness underfoot, especially on a warm summer day?

But what about those areas that we never walk on... and what about the fact that we are rarely outside on our lawn? What if we considered trading out some sections of our grass lawn and brought native ground cover or wildflowers into the mix? Could we possibly allow some areas to be accentuated with the beauty of flowers? Our pollinator friends will thank us and we'll still have some areas designated as lawn. 



Bringing wildflowers into your lawn can be a creative and collaborative process. Like a blank canvas, green grass invites colour. All lawn transformation projects start with a free site visit. We will talk about your preferences and follow up with a design plan, work schedule and list of suggested flowers. We work with any size of lawn, always addressing unique features and design opportunity. When you hire Nature Gardens, your taking the first step in the direction of enlivening your landscape.

Bee Lawns

Bee lawns are what happen when you allow your lawn to just be. In time, you will witness the your lawn blossoming with native plants like clover, wild strawberry, narrow leaf plantain and self heal. These plants are ideal for ground cover, while also providing the pollen that bees love. Many of the native plants that bees are attracted to also have medicinal healing properties. Once considered nuisance weeds, growing research is seeing value in native plants. 

Native Grasses

Native grasses are both cool and warm season grasses that provide year round visual interest. Their beauty is unsurpassed as their colour and shape changes with the seasons. Native grasses provide value in the way of being a host plant for pollinators and they feed the birds. Unlike manicured lawns, native grasses produce seeds so its like growing your own bird seed. Grasses are an ideal low maintenance option for a plant that can manage dynamic conditions.

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