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We design gardens.

Share your vision, let us do the work.


When you hire Nature Gardens, you're hiring more than a set of hands to do the work. You are hiring hands, head and heart; we bring knowledge, passion and experience to the process. We work with efficiency, care and an eye for detail.


We begin with an initial on-site visit to see your property and view your existing gardens. This free assessment is an opportunity to learn more about you and your interests and what your gardening preferences are. At this point we will provide a recommendation of the services available to you.



If you're interested in having a garden designed, we will take a more detailed look at your property. The design package is a flat fee which includes your design, a property map, plant list, notes on ecology, microclimates, erosion and an estimate on the cost of plants, materials and installation.



If you're in need of adding plants to your existing perennial gardens and/or refreshing your annual garden beds, we will review this during our initial on-site consultation. There is no design fee for this service. Working with your budget, we will provide a list of plants/costs and estimate for installation. Plants include annuals, perennials, wildflowers, herbs, grasses, sedges, shrubs and more...


Decorative planters and containers are a way to animate a space with colour, form and texture. Its a way to bring beauty to a place where gardening may not be possible. Design potential is enhanced by the range of containers available.


These bold planters were created for a front entrance to a hotel in Toronto. The solid form is balanced by the chunk-like mass of autumn plants and highlighted with the wisps of grass that capture the light. 

Container gardens can add wonder to any entrance or walkway at the cottage, home or boathouse. The design element of a main entrance planter can be carried into balcony or window boxes to create a complete visual experience. 

With an eye for design and creativity, all our planters take into consideration the subtle nuances within a landscape and details in building design to create container gardens that enhance your property with beauty.




Site prep, planting, fertilizing, watering and special care instructions. Planting includes garden beds, specialty planters, native grasses and shrubs. We bring an artistic eye to the process with care in quality plant selection.

Annuals and perennials

Ground covers

Spring ephemerals

Shrubs and hedges

Sedges and native grasses



Garden maintenance & seasonal cleanup. Services include cleaning garden beds, removing annuals, pruning, edging, weeding and mulching. We offer traditional clean-up and eco-friendly services to support native pollinators. 

Pre-spring Yard Work

Spring Cleanup

Preparing Garden Beds 

Summer Garden Weeding

Weekly Maintenance Packages

Fall Cleanup


Ecology and habitat features are site-specific and require an in-person visit or virtual meeting with photos. Work is priced on size and scope of project. We create Certified Wild-life Friendly Habitat as recognized by Canadian Wildlife federation. 

Removing unwanted plants

Transforming lawns 

Leaf collection bins

Rock structures and brush piles

Bee nesting sites and bug hotels

Inspiration comes from many places...
Pictured here is a Bee and Herb Garden designed by Eleanour Sinclair Rhode in 1943. The garden is surrounded by hedges and designed to provide nectar through the seasons from early spring to fall.

This garden is a wonderful reminder of the close relationship that herbs, medicinal plants and pollinators share.

Do you have a garden that inspires you?

Reach out and share your vision with us! 
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