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Growing Nature Connections

Nature Gardens is inspired by the dynamic beauty of the Muskoka landscape. Our vision includes the use of native plants and organic gardening practices to enhance outdoor spaces. We would like our gardens to enrich your world while also providing bird, bee and butterfly friendly places that bridge the gap that separates gardening and nature. 



Gardener, Naturalist

My love of gardening is a life-long learning experience shaped by the study of nature and inspired by the beauty of the Muskoka landscape, a place that has captured my heart since childhood. My professional work in gardening has been weaved throughout my working years as an artist and includes landscaping, greenhouse work, container gardening, decorative planters and floral design in both Toronto and Muskoka. I've recently completed the Ontario Master Naturalist Program and I'm pursuing on-going learning with Pollinator Partnership of Canada. I'm a member of North America Native Plant Society and Ontario Rock Garden Society.


Gardener, Artist

am an artist who loves gardening. I marvel at the vital relationships that exists in nature, and the beauty of the garden with its smells, colours and textures. My art practice and gardening are intricately woven together, gardening is my muse, and my art informs my gardening practice. I continue to grow my relationship with plants with studies in horticulture and adding to my palette the experience of working on a cut-flower farm. Additional gardening experience includes seed-saving, transplanting seedlings, planting and garden maintenance. I believe as gardeners we can also be environmental stewards. 

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