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Leaves are vitamins for trees. In a forest, 50-80% of the nutrients that a tree receives is from leaves on the forest floor. As the leaves decompose they release nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements into the soil which is used by trees. Fall leaves also provide structural benefits. As natural insulation, leaves protect soil from heavy autumn rains allowing water to gently soak into the ground. This protective layer also helps maintain good soil structure and reduces erosion which is especially important on properties that are on slopes or shorelines. 



Leaf corrals are an ecological approach to utilizing the beneficial properties of leaves at the base of trees. A corral keeps them in place from fall winds, allowing them to break down over winter and release essential nutrients into the soil. Leaves maintain moisture and temperature levels while also providing shelter for many pollinators and beneficial insects. Corrals optimize leaves on your property, keeps them out of landfill and makes your trees healthy.



Collection Bins are constructed as a holding place for fall leaves, allowing you to contain large volumes of leaves for future use in gardening and composting. Bins are constructed with stakes and chicken wire or framed with wood lattice or palettes. Two components that aid with decomposition are having bins constructed on bare ground with all sides open for air flow. 



Installation of one leaf corral or collection bin

Three hours of leaf collection and yard clean-up

Price includes cost of materials 

Standard $295 

Wire mesh fencing

Wood stakes

Low visual impact

Premium $395

Pressure treated lattice

Rich dark brown colour

Decorative appeal


The following services are priced by the hour

plus the cost of material

Additional leaf corrals and collection bins

Leaf and yard clean-up

Removal of seasonal tree corrals

Maintenance of collection bins

Mulching garden beds with leaves

Raking leaves from steps, walkways and lawns

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