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Garden Beds with Eastern White Cedar wood sustainably sourced in Ontario
Reclaimed Planters on Rocky Terrain
Planter Boxes custom built on rocky terrain using reclaimed wood 
Lean-to Greenhouse framed with new and reclaimed wood

Accessible Gardening

Growing food and fresh herbs provides access to nutrient-rich food that can empower you to adopt habits of healthier living. Though it can sometimes be intimidating when considering the challenges when growing food. The Muskoka region has a short growing season, rocky terrain, soil that may be either too thin or too acidic, and there's lots of competition with wildlife. Sometimes physical limitations may give reason to pause.


Nature Gardens is dedicated to helping you grow food in ways that are fun, affordable and accessible. Our products are customized to address concerns so that we can set you on a path to wellness. 

We design and build raised garden beds of all sizes with a special focus on animal-proof enclosures. Our greenhouse options extend the growing season and having raised beds prevent excessive bending. Our planter boxes can be used in any location; patio, porch or deck. 


Because we offer a personalized approach, we're able to work with the unique challenges of each property and retro-fit planters on uneven ground if required. We love solution-based approaches to gardening and like working within the needs of clients. If cost or carbon footprint is a concern, we work with reclaimed wood and use up-cycled materials finishing them off with a dash of creativity.

Our raised garden beds and standard planters are made with Ontario Eastern White Cedar that is sustainably harvested. The wood is long-lasting and untreated which is ideal for growing food. 

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