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Our gardening services are available in Muskoka, serving clients in need of garden design, planting, seasonal maintenance, yard work, and habitat design. Nature Gardens is dedicated to creating gardens that serve as a sanctuary for all living things. A focus is on native plants and gardening practices that enhance the ecological value of your property. Specialty projects include the design and installation of habitat features that serve as nesting and overwintering sites for birds, bees and beneficial insects.


Perennial and wildflower gardens

Native plants

Planting for spring ephemerals

Host plants for pollinators

Shrubs and hedges to enhance layers 

Ground covers and native grasses


Decorative Planting:

Seasonal urns and planters

Annuals in garden beds 

Balcony and window boxes​​

Maintenance Services:

Pesticide and insecticide free practices

Removal of invasive plants

Transforming lawns

​Maintaining hollow plant stems 

Leaving seed heads for birds

Installation Services:

Leaf corrals and collection bins

Bird baths, garden and mud puddling dishes

Rock structures and brush piles for habitat

Creating beetle bank berms

Nesting sites for native bees

Bug hotels 


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