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Rates & Pricing


The beauty of living in Muskoka is being connected to a natural landscape. This diversity offers a lot of variety in gardening and property care. For your convenience and to provide transparency in our services we've created a list of rates and pricing. Some properties may still require a site-visit which are offered for free. 

Gardening Services

$55 per hour

Gardening, planting, weeding, edging, pruning, mulching and more 

Spring, Summer and Fall Cleanup

1/2 day two person crew $425 

Full day two person crew $775



Removal of Invasive Species

$55 per hour 

Conservation methods are used to remove and dispose of invasive plant material with various options presented. Disposal fees are applied to clients wanting debris removed from their property.  



Design of Planters, Urns, Window Boxes for Balcony and Boathouses

$75 per hour

Includes design and installation including fertilizer and watering. Price of plants, soil, fertilizer and additional material are separate. 



Habitat Design and Ecology Service

$75 per hour

Site-specific projects and installation may be completed with natural material on property. Price of products such as bat boxes, birdhouses and birdbaths are separate.



Garden Design

Design fees begin at $275 with a property assessment and inventory of existing plants and features. We work with native and non-native plants, microclimates and garden maps to ensure for the best gardening outcome. 



About Hiring Us

When you hire Nature Gardens, you're hiring more than a set of hands to do the work. You are hiring hands, head and heart; we bring knowledge, passion and experience to the process. We work with efficiency, care and an eye for detail. We strive for balance in a personable service that listens to the needs of a client while offering an approach to gardening that incorporates the beauty of the Muskoka landscape into the process!


About Rates and Pricing

  • Flat rates are based on a two-person crew with adjustment available for larger projects

  • Hourly rate of $55 per person applies to most of our gardening and maintenance services

  • Planter design rate of $75 per person incorporates the design component of planters as well as the additional labour of working on steep terrain, handling of soil, fertilizers and plants. This base rate also allows for smaller projects where only a few planters need to be designed

  • Habit and ecology rate of $75 per person is built-in to accommodate installation challenges and ladder work while also allowing for smaller projects that may take minimal time to set-up

  • We also collaborate with specialized consultants that can advise on projects such as meadow planting, shoreline erosion, identifying species at risk and unique ecosystems. Priced separately upon inquiry.

  • Prices do not include HST

  • We are a fully insured gardening service

  • Pricing is set to provide a professional service that strives for balance in quality, care and affordability

About Product

  • Price of plants, mulch, fertilizers and soil are separate

  • Product is sourced from a variety of suppliers with the goal of achieving the best price for our clients

  • Plants are sourced from reputable greenhouses in Muskoka and the surrounding region with a desire to provide top quality plants for clients

  • Product prices may fluctuate through the season based on price from suppliers

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