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Growing Nature Connections

Nature Gardens is about creating 'living landscapes' based in sustainable practices. We are dedicated to building bird, bee and butterfly friendly places that bridge the gap that separates gardening and nature. Nature Gardens is about 'finding solutions to growing food' that are easy and accessible to all abilities with custom designed planters, boxes and raised beds. Nature Gardens is also about ‘creativity and community engagement’. We offer workshops and creative practices as a way to invite others to connect with nature and enrich their experience in the natural world. 


JEN FALVY Artist, Naturalist, Gardener


My journey into gardening stems from my interest in nature. While I've always worked with plants in varying capacities and have many years experience in gardening, my work has come full circle and is now fuelled by a desire to make a difference in how we garden.

When one thinks about conservation, we often don't think what we do in the garden can make a difference but after reading the work of Douglas W. Tallamy and learning about his initiative that 'conservation starts in your yard', I've developed a clearer understanding of how we can enhance biodiversity in our communities that begins with gardening.  


My interests are rooted in a life-long relationship with nature that includes advocacy, appreciation and learning. I have a certificate of completion with Ontario Master Naturalist Program, continued studies with Pollinator Partnership of Canada and I'm a member of North America Native Plant Society. My creative work is shaped by over 20 years experience as an artist, advocate and workshop facilitator. 

Nature Gardens has a home-base that is Certified Wildlife-friendly Habitat.  We are dedicated to inspiring others to adopt as many nature-friendly practices as they feel are right for them. Our gardening services are committed to promoting the value and benefit of nature friendly gardens.
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Recognition in the Guildwood Community

Advocating for nature can be tireless work that is often met with many hurdles but receiving recognition can provide a subtle sense of appreciation. In September 2017 I was pleased to receive recognition from the Office of Honourable John McKay MP for the work I had done with other members of the community, appealing for the preservation of a 3km stretch of natural sand beach. This project continues to need support and a number of us are still speaking out on behalf of preserving the natural shoreline of Grey Abbey Beach in Scarborough. 

Forest Ontario Heritage Tree 

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When a tree is special, it is much more than part of a landscape, it actually becomes part of the community. To honour the iconic tree of Indian Landing in Port Sydney, my nomination for this very special Red Maple was accepted by Forest Ontario's Heritage Tree program. It has been added to their database as a tree of significance. The Heritage Tree Program collects and tells stories of Ontario’s unique trees as a way to bring awareness to the social, cultural, historical and ecological value of trees. On Earth Day of April 2018, the plaque was unveiled with members of the community. This proud tree is a wise elder loved by many.
Indian Landing Maple Tree.jpg

The Family Tree, Red Maple, HT-2017-217-234 

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